Manx Music Festival 2015

Huge congratulations to everyone involved in the Manx Music Festival this year, it has been an entertaining and uplifting week and I am so proud to be a part of it.

I participated in a number of events, including the ‘Special Mezzo Soprano’ class and the Ladies’ Choir class (with Manx Voices), both of which earned me (and us) first place. I also took part in the ‘British Composers’ adult class which was of an extremely high standard, singing one of my favourite songs, ‘Silent Noon’ by Vaughan-Williams. 

As the winner of the ‘Special Mezzo Soprano’ class, I was asked to take part in the historic ‘Cleveland Medal Test’, a competition involving the six winners of each adult voice category. This event is the pinnacle of the Manx Music Festival and is attended by the Lieutenant Governor Adam Wood, who presents the winner with the Cleveland gold medal. 

I performed two contrasting songs, the recitative and aria ‘O Worse Than Death Indeed/Angels Ever Bright and Fair’ from Handel’s Theodora and Granville Bantock’s ‘A Feast of Lanterns’. Despite missing out on the top prize this year (I won the medal in 2013), I thoroughly enjoyed singing for my friends and relatives and felt that my performance couldn’t have gone any better!

I look forward to taking part again in the future and am grateful for the support I received this year, as well as the constructive feedback from the adjudicators, who certainly knew their stuff. Slane lhiat for now.

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