Imperfect Mortal Beings


18-year-old Isla Quayle declares that she isn’t ready to make the leap from high school to university just yet. Besides, she didn’t quite get the grades.

Armed with a suitcase full of seasonally inappropriate clothing and an overwhelming desire to experience the perfect ‘all-American’ summer at Beaumont Lake Performing Arts Camp, Isla is thrown headfirst into a world of ninety-hour working weeks, sparring celebrity parents and the complicated heirarchy of the ‘Elites’ – former campers who seem to enjoy far more privileges than the international staff.

Isla’s relationship with Ivy League-educated Evan, the only son of Hollywood royalty, seems too good to be true (and not just to her). Along with her co-counsellors, Isla learns how powerful friendship can be when faced with projectile vomiting, homesick 12-year olds and the consequences of driving golf carts while intoxicated.

My debut YA novel is complete at 70,000 words. Get in touch if you are a literary agent and would be interested in receiving the first three chapters.